Updated Thu Feb 2 16:18:40 EST 2023

Assignment 1: File System and Basic Unix Commands


This assignment is meant to give you practice in using the file system and Unix commands that you learned in the first class, using the file shakespeare.zip, which contains William Shakespeare's sonnets. The goal of this assignment, and all the others, is mostly to reinforce what we have talked about in class, and to make sure that you're comfortable with the computational aspects. It's mostly a question of whether you have done the exercise, not "correctness."

Download shakespeare.zip

download shakespeare.zip into a new directory parallel to barrett,
	that is, directly below your hum307 directory.

See what's in it before unzipping

$ pwd
		make sure you're in the right directory!
		cd to the right place if not
		and make a new directory if you didn't already
$ ls -l
		what's there already?
$ unzip -lv shakespeare.zip
		and if it looks ok,
$ unzip shakespeare.zip
$ ls -l
		see what you've got
Surprise: there's another zip file. Check that out. What does it contain?


Answer these questions briefly. Again, we're looking for you to learn, and the grading here is "did you submit it?".
How many sonnets are there?

How did you determine that?

What other files are there in the download that are not specifically sonnets?

What's the biggest file?

What's the first line of sonnet 100?

How did you find it?
There is now a link for submissions on the Google Drive. Collect your answers to the (vague!) questions above in a file called x_abc_asgn1.txt where x is the first letter of your last name, and abc is your first name; thus I would submit k_brian_asgn1.txt.